Tuesday, 12 October 2010

good grief!

I knew I hadn't blogged for a while but 2 weeks? Heavens!

I haven't even got much to say now that I am here. I have some photos in my camera but I couldn't even say what they are! Jings!

Maybe I'll do some interesting blogging soon - but I won't promise anything!

So what was the point in this post? Just really to let anyone reading this know I'm still here!

Oh, and yes, Anna, the bags are made out of old jeans.

Oh, maybe that's what the photos in my camera are because I'm pretty sure I've sewn another couple of those since I last blogged. I really should upload them and do something with them. But not now. Maybe later. :o)


  1. oh my goodness Anne! You are such a slacker! lol If you hadn't noticed, I go for many, many weeks ... MONTHS even! without blogging!! There's always something else to be done!!

  2. Well, don't feel too badly -- I've been way behind on my reading, so now I'll be able to enjoy your upcoming bag post! ;-)


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