Saturday, 25 September 2010

eat me biscuits

Last December when I was out blog-hopping, I read Anna's post about all the goodies she'd made for Christmas and was intrigued by the biscuits with the words on them. Anna had linked to the German Amazon site for the printer kit and I had bookmarked it at the time with the thought of coming back and getting it or seeing if amazon UK might get it in.

I found the link again this week and decided I wanted to have a go at that type of biscuit. Unfortunately, Amazon UK didn't have the kit and the postage from the German site was a bit off-putting so I thought I might have to give up the idea.

But then I wondered if it would work with a child's printing kit - obviously one that hadn't been used with ink. So, on to Amazon UK again and ordered myself this kit.

I tried it out this afternoon with these words:

This is how the biscuits looked before I baked them.

And how they looked after they came out of the oven -

I'm not disheartened though. I'll just try again with a recipe where the biscuits are rolled out and cut rather than rolled up in a sausage shape and cut with a knife.

And, even though it's not clear the biscuits say "mine", "eat me" and "yummy" - they are, I will eat them and they are yummy! :oD

Thanks, Anna, for the idea! :o)


  1. LOL ...sooo ... by biscuit you mean cookie?? ;) The title of your post was too good not to click on it! Have a great weekend, Anne :)

  2. What a great idea to use the child's printer kit. Also, my first attempt was like yours -- I found I needed to use a recipe that wouldn't rise AT ALL, or the words disappear. Someone mentioned just last week that they think Williams Sonoma is carrying those little cookie-writers, as I call them. Not sure if WS has made it to the UK or not. Not that it matters, I'm thinking your child's kit will work just fine!

  3. LOL Bri. Our biscuits and your cookies are similar. No matter what you call them, they're yummy! :o)

  4. That's good to know, Anna. I'll have to think hard for a recipe that doesn't rise at all. I'm not giving up on this. I know I can get it to work! :o)

    We don't have WS here - at least as far as I know anyway.


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