Wednesday, 22 September 2010

blog hopping with google reader

I used to spend a lot of time jumping into my bookmarks where I had saved various blogs to read. They weren't in any particular order and it was sometimes frustrating to find the blogs hadn't been updated. That's not a slur on the bloggers - heaven knows I can be a slow blogger myself - I just wanted to be able to read blogs that had new posts on them.

Anyway, one day I found a blog called "Oops, I Craft My Pants". Well, after getting over the giggling fit - toilet humour *always* makes me giggle! - I read this post. Oh my goodness! Google reader is genius.

But. After reading a few blogs on the reader I thought about the fact that I was no longer "going" to that blog. I was just reading it on the reader. So I wouldn't show up on anyone's blog count or their Feedjits, if they had them loaded. Okay, not that much of a deal, I suppose, but I wanted to be a supporter of the blog - not just read it sort of sneakily.

Well, not long after this, OICMP posted another way to use google reader where you can add a "next" button up in your browser's toolbar.

OMG, I LOVE it! Now I can blog-hop really easily and I only go to blogs where people have posted. Fabulous!

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  1. I've read about this button, but haven't used it yet. I usually click through to the blogs anyway, so I keep forgetting about it!


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