Monday, 16 August 2010

garden visitors and a re-do

Here are just a few of the visitors who came to our garden this weekend.

A couple of sparrows on the suet balls.

A sparrow on the seed feeder on the clothes pole and a blue tit on the peanuts on the side of the shed.

A butterfly warming itself on the wall.

And here's what I was doing out in the sun this weekend - when I wasn't photographing the garden visitors. A while ago, I thought it was a good idea to put all my buttons in one box.

When I did that I blogged about it and said "I might regret it one day if I'm looking for a specific colour but, oh my goodness, I LOVE this box." Well, I did love the box of buttons but OMG it was so hard to find anything. In the end I would always give up and just go and buy some! Ridiculous when I have thousands of buttons!

So, this weekend I sat outside and separated them all out into their glass jars again. I even got Joanna to help me as it took so long to do.

Now I'll be able to find 10 white buttons or 6 pink ones much more easily - and without having to go to the fabric shop to buy them. Remind me not to put them into one box ever again! :oO


  1. When are you going to go through the blue and green jars and make a turquoise jar!?! ;)

  2. I might do that as I have a spare jar. That would have been easier than deciding which was a blue-turquoise and which was a green-turquoise!

  3. Hahaha -- that's pretty funny about the buttons. They look beautiful all sorted out into their separate jars!


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