Sunday, 25 July 2010

in a jam

I've been busy making jam this weekend. First of all, yesterday morning, I made some raspberry jam with the last of the rasps in the freezer.

And the best bit - the skimmings:

And then we went along to a local fruit farm and bought some strawberries -

I cleaned most of them yesterday but had to leave the rest until today - drat my silly back! Anyway, I got some strawberry jam made and froze the rest of the berries to use throughout the year for more.

And, yet again, the best bit. I LOVE skimmings!

I'm hoping to get back to the fruit farm this week to buy some rasps this time - and maybe some blackcurrants or whatever else they have.

I can't wait until breakfast time tomorrow so I can have some lovely skimmings on my toast! :o)


  1. I LOVE skimmings! Oh yum, yum, yum!

    I wonder if I'll get skimmings from my blackcurrant jam that I'm making today - hmm! I only ever really think of rasp and strawb skimmings.


  2. Ooooh, those jam jars look beautiful. I'm thinking my mom and I might make some raspberry-cherry jam this weekend. And now, I'll be saving the skimmings LOL!

  3. Alas - skimmings do nothing for me!! But I have to say that the raspberry jam was just delicious on my bagel this morning! :)


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