Wednesday, 7 July 2010

backache and a new quilt

I moved a few things around in my sewing room last Thursday and could hardly move on Friday or Saturday because of it. Silly me! The problem is, when I'm moving things, my back is perfectly fine - no twinges or aches at all. Then by bedtime, I can barely move!

Friday was miserable. I was in constant pain. Even the painkillers I took didn't work very well and not for very long either. Then, on Saturday morning after me "sleeping" sitting upright most of the night, Douglas remembered about the heat pad his mum had given us so he dug it out and that worked wonders! By Saturday afternoon, I was able to move again! Hallelujah!

So no more moving things around. Or at least, not all in one go. I need to remember to do a wee bit at a time and leave the rest for another day.

Today I chose the fabrics I'm going to use for Fiona's baby quilt. I'm going to make it the same basic design as I made for Lizzy's baby quilt but maybe with a few changes.

Tomorrow I'm going to cut out the fabrics and then, depending on how my back feels, I might sew some together. See, I don't remember for long that I'm not supposed to do too much, do I? *sigh*

I've got until September to make this quilt but, even with my bad back, I'm sure I'll get it done way before then! :o)

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  1. Ouch! I hope your back is feeling better today. And I'm looking forward to seeing your new quilt!


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