Monday, 7 June 2010

this time next week

This time next week, (ie Monday afternoon) Douglas and I will be in an aeroplane heading to Canada to see Debbie and Jason - and Molly. I'm looking forward to it. Not to the flights so much as the being there.

For the first time in a very long time, Douglas has not spent any time pouring over tourist books to see where we can go or what we can see. We're leaving all our touristy-planning to Debbie and Jason.

I'm looking forward to seeing both of them and, of course, Molly. I suspect that will be a small battle of wills between herself and myself. I wonder who'll win? Let's put it this way, if she bites me, I'll bite her back! LOL

This was Molly 6 months ago - she's much, much bigger now!

So, this week is being taken up with thinking of what to take. We've already got tons of Debbie's stuff looked out to take. Mostly kitchen stuff like cookie cutters, baking tins and whisks etc. Can you imagine those suitcases going through the x-ray machines? Yikes!

Anyway, once we've left all that stuff in Debbie's kitchen, the suitcases will be really empty for our homeward journey. So there'll be lots of room for me to fill with fabrics and other stuff I can get out there for much less than it would cost me here. Fabulous! :o)


  1. Sounds like a great trip in store for you! Is fabric as cheap in Canada as it is in the US for you? Does she live close enough to the US to make a little foray across the border?

  2. Yeay! I can't wait! How exciting!

    Anna, I'm just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, not close enough really to pop across the border. It's a couple of hours flight to the US from here. Fabricville is on the line-up of must sees for mum though - I'm sure she'll find something there to pop in the empty suitcase! :o)


  3. And don't forget Michaels! :oD


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