Sunday, 13 June 2010

blog silence!

Well, that's it.

The bags are packed and waiting out in the hall.

Rosie has gone to stay with Jo for the time we're away. I miss both of them already! :o(

Debbie and Jason are ready for us coming. Molly is, I'm sure, oblivious to it all!

All we need to do now is go to bed, sleep (good luck on that one!), get up, have some breakfast and go.

About 17 hours after leaving our house, we'll be arriving at Debbie and Jason's in Nova Scotia, Canada.

After this post, there will be a blogging silence from me until we get back on the 25th.

Be good! See you when we get home! :o)


  1. Yeay! I can't wait! Travel safe and see you tomorrow!

  2. Take care and be safe. I love you both so much and we'll miss you tons! Have fun. J x


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