Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Canada purchases

Here's some of the stuff we bought in Canada. The gifts we brought back for Jo aren't here - they're at her house! :o)

We went to a place called The Harbour Quilt Company on our way to Cape Breton. It was the most amazing place full of made up quilts, quilt packs, quilt patterns, fat quarters, bag patterns and so much more. I could have stayed in there all day long!

Here's what I bought:

A couple of quilt patterns:

This is the pattern and fabric for a small Christmas quiltlet. It could be a wall-hanging or a square table runner. Whatever it'll be, I was excited to buy the fabric to make it up. The Moda "Making New Friends" charm fabrics are fabulous!

I couldn't resist the pattern for this bag by Amy Butler. Just looking at it makes me want to get going with it.

In Halifax, we went to Fabricville to buy some fabric to make Debbie another couple of sundresses like this one.

I also bought a pattern for a top and some material to make it up for Jo. Thankfully she loves both.

These are fat quarters I bought in Walmart. I know some people turn their noses up at Walmart but, when you can buy 4 fat quarters for less than we pay for one over here, it makes me excited to see what they have.

I stood looking at this book for ages wondering if I should buy it or wait until I got home and order it from Amazon. I decided that I'd be annoyed with myself if I got home to find the book wasn't available in the UK so I just went ahead and bought it. I am so pleased I did. There are quite a few projects in it that I'm keen to try.

I just realised I didn't photograph the yummy cookery book I bought. Or the gifts Debbie made for my birthday. I'll do them tomorrow - it's time for bed now. :o)

Monday, 28 June 2010

just a few photos

Here are just a very few of the photos taken on our Canada holiday.

With over 1300 photos to choose from, I decided to limit my choices to the ones I took with my wee point and shoot camera - a Samsung D60. Choosing from my own photos made it only 306 to go through - still a hard choice.

Anyway, here we go.

This is Debbie and Jason's new front deck where we sat at every available opportunity.

Molly loves to go for a swim:

The lighthouse at Peggy's Cove:

Molly looking through the gap on the front porch - dopey dog!

Debbie and Jason in Baddeck, Cape Breton. I didn't realise they were standing in a puddle!

It had been raining in Baddeck and then it stopped and the light was amazing:

Just one of the many views around the coastline of Cape Breton:

A few crazy people:

Another view of the Cape Breton coastline:

Jason turned off the road on to a teeny tiny road. This waterfall was at the end of that road:

I think this is the same waterfall:

Molly looks so innocent …

… but she'd found a raspberry right under the fridge:

Inside the Citadel, Halifax:

The Dingle Tower, Halifax:

Chester, Nova Scotia:

One of my favourite places we went to was called The Tangled Garden:

And now we're flying home. Cheerio, Nova Scotia:

And then, the next morning, the first sight of land was of Northern Ireland:

One of the first glimpses of Scotland:

Turning out over the River Forth over Musselburgh:

Back around over Cramond Island:

And the causeway which is only walkable at low tide:

Unfortunately the wing was in the way of getting a good view of the Forth Bridges. You can just see them under the tip of the wing - the Forth Bridge is wrapped in white in some places whilst it's being repaired.

I've got more photos of all the stuff I brought back but I'll keep them for another day.

Friday, 25 June 2010

we're back!!

We're back. Very tired, jet-lagged and our stomachs don't know what to think!

Eating your evening meal at 11.30pm is bad enough but, when it's airplane food that's even worse. Then, a measly 4 hours later, you're eating breakfast - airplane breakfast - no wonder our stomachs are bamboozled!!

Our flight out of Halifax was delayed by 2 hours for bad weather in Newark but, as we had a 3 hour lay-over, we knew we'd still make the Newark flight on time. Then that was delayed by an hour *sigh* and then, when we eventually did get on, it took another hour to get off the ground. *more sighs*

So we got back to Edinburgh 2 hours later than we'd hoped. A l-o-n-g, l-o-n-g day just sitting around airports or squished into planes! Whoever said that travelling was the best part of a holiday needs his head examined.

Anyway, we're home. We had a wonderful time - thanks, Debs, Jay and Molly.

Molly and I got on famously and I have it on good authority that she cried this morning when I wasn't sitting on the couch reading my book when she was allowed out of the bedroom. Oh, Mollipop! :o(

There will eventually be photos shared on here - once I get them all on to my computer - hopefully this weekend some time!

In the meantime, I need to go to bed and see if I can catch up on some much needed sleep.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

blog silence!

Well, that's it.

The bags are packed and waiting out in the hall.

Rosie has gone to stay with Jo for the time we're away. I miss both of them already! :o(

Debbie and Jason are ready for us coming. Molly is, I'm sure, oblivious to it all!

All we need to do now is go to bed, sleep (good luck on that one!), get up, have some breakfast and go.

About 17 hours after leaving our house, we'll be arriving at Debbie and Jason's in Nova Scotia, Canada.

After this post, there will be a blogging silence from me until we get back on the 25th.

Be good! See you when we get home! :o)

Saturday, 12 June 2010

trying to get going

Only 2 more sleeps before we leave for Canada and I just can't seem to get out of the bit. I have so much to do - and yet, here am I at the computer blethering on my blog? Mmmm

Maybe if I write a list here, I might shame myself into getting off the computer and getting it done!

1. I need to do the ironing - or, if I don't manage to do it all, at least iron the things we're taking with us! **done**

2. I also have to do lady-type things like paint my nails and pluck and shave and … yeah, enough said, I think! **done**

3. And then all the house buckets will need emptied. **done**

4. We have to set up the automatic light switcher-onners. **done**

5. I need to decide what goes in my hand luggage - unfortunately, crochet hooks are a no-no in hand-luggage. :o( **done**

6. And, last but not least, we need to pack! **done**

Okay, that list is scary enough that I'm off to make a start to it. No more gittering on the computer - for now! :o)

Monday, 7 June 2010

this time next week

This time next week, (ie Monday afternoon) Douglas and I will be in an aeroplane heading to Canada to see Debbie and Jason - and Molly. I'm looking forward to it. Not to the flights so much as the being there.

For the first time in a very long time, Douglas has not spent any time pouring over tourist books to see where we can go or what we can see. We're leaving all our touristy-planning to Debbie and Jason.

I'm looking forward to seeing both of them and, of course, Molly. I suspect that will be a small battle of wills between herself and myself. I wonder who'll win? Let's put it this way, if she bites me, I'll bite her back! LOL

This was Molly 6 months ago - she's much, much bigger now!

So, this week is being taken up with thinking of what to take. We've already got tons of Debbie's stuff looked out to take. Mostly kitchen stuff like cookie cutters, baking tins and whisks etc. Can you imagine those suitcases going through the x-ray machines? Yikes!

Anyway, once we've left all that stuff in Debbie's kitchen, the suitcases will be really empty for our homeward journey. So there'll be lots of room for me to fill with fabrics and other stuff I can get out there for much less than it would cost me here. Fabulous! :o)

Friday, 4 June 2010

June flowers

I took some photos yesterday of the flowers and veggies - and weeds - in our garden.

These are "winter" pansies which should have been taken out long ago to put in the summer bedding. Why would you take them out when they look so good?

The rhodondendron flowers are just starting to bloom beautifully.

I think this is a geranium - I can't go out and check right now as it's dark as I type.

A daisy growing in the grass.

And a whole plant of them growing in the edge. I asked Douglas to leave it - for now.

Curly kale on the left and cauliflower on the right.

Strawberries are coming along nicely.