Wednesday, 26 May 2010

sundresses - all done!

I finished Debbie's sundress which she had started and then got stuck with. She brought it home last November for me to finish for her. I thought, since it's now less than 3 weeks until we go to Canada to see her and Jason - and Molly - that I'd better get on and get it done.

And, I made this sundress for Jo last summer but, we didn't quite time it properly and, by the time we got to doing the straps, summer was gone. So it got left until "later". I dug it out and finished it today as well.

Watch this, because I've finished Jo's sundress, we probably won't see any more sun here! I hope finishing Deb's sundress doesn't jinx the weather when we get to Canada!


  1. Lovely! I can't wait to try it on! :o)
    I'm going to make it my goal to learn how to sew properly so I don't get confused by dart and gathers again!


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