Thursday, 13 May 2010

singing again

Tomorrow night is the second of the three concerts the choir I sing in is putting on for this season. Again it'll be a no music job - we managed last time so no reason we won't manage again tomorrow.

Other than the fact that we are 3 members down. In a choir of 22, 3 is a lot. Worse, in a choir with only 7 men, being down by 2 men is not good. *sigh*

Oh well, the concert is in aid of Christian Aid so hopefully we'll get a good turnout. My crew are coming to this concert and know to clap enthusiastically no matter what we sound like! :oD

Hopefully it'll be good enough that others will clap enthusiastically too!

~ ~ ~

Edited to add - it went really well. Even better than our last concert. Go us! :o)

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  1. Clap? I'm coming with my arm ready for a 'whoop, whoop whoop' arm pump! I might even start a Mexican wave if you're very lucky! :)


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