Monday, 17 May 2010

our birthday tea

My mum's birthday was last Wednesday. She was 82. Joanna's birthday was yesterday. She was 28. My birthday is tomorrow. I'll be 55.

So, we had a fancy birthday tea for ourselves yesterday afternoon. Here are some photos of what we ate.

Queen cakes (small cupcakes) with butter icing and various toppings.

Fruit loaf.

Double biscuits.


Peppermint slice.

We dug out some crackers which were left from Christmas time so we popped those and wore silly paper hats, told silly jokes and generally had a great time.

There was a lot of baking left over so Mum went home with a bagful of goodies and I won't need to bake this week. Yay!

Happy birthday to all of us! :o)


  1. yeay! Happy Birthday to all of you! mwa mwa mwa!

  2. PS I long for some scotbloc covered peppermint slice! It looks deeeelish! x

  3. It is. I've checked at least 20 times since Sunday.

  4. Happy birthday to all of you. I hope you are having a nice day Anne. Your baking looks scrummy.
    I am still trying to sell my flat but no joy so far--I'm getting a bit panicky now and can't really afford to drop the price! Would like to be in a new place by the time Fiona's baby arrives-very exciting.


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