Tuesday, 25 May 2010

getting back to dressmaking

In the "old days" I always made my own clothes. I hardly ever bought anything - I made it all. Well, not underwear but I always thought if I had found a supplier of underwear bits, I'd have tried that too! :o)

Anyway, over the years, dressmaking has fallen by the wayside. Not because I didn't love sewing but more because of the cost of patterns and fabric. It was no longer a way to get something that fit you for less than it would cost to buy.

This week, I've been finishing off a sundress which Debbie brought home last November. As we're heading out to Canada in less than 3 weeks - wheeeeeeeee :o) - I thought I'd better stop faffing about and get it done.

Sewing the sundress has revitalised my love of dressmaking and I'm keen to get back to it. I've wondered for a while about taking classes to learn how to adjust sewing patterns to make them fit me properly.

I blog-hopped last night and I found several blogs which suggested that the Palmer and Pletsch way of altering patterns was the way to go so this morning I went to Amazon to see what I could find.

Today I ordered this book -

I also ordered the McCall's pattern from Bamber's on which the book is based. (I wonder if Amazon will ever stock sewing patterns - maybe best not! LOL)

Now I somehow have to find the patience to wait for the book and pattern to arrive. 2 to 3 days!! Maybe I should spend the time getting the rest of Debbie's sundress done.

Okay, off I go to attach the straps and put in the zip!

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