Saturday, 29 May 2010

last one of three

Tomorrow sees the last of our 3 concerts for this session of Singers. It's basically the same concert as we've done twice before with a few amendments.

You'd think that, since we've done it twice already, we could be sure that we know it all and will remember every verse and chorus of every song. Nope.

"Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron" is still giving us trouble! It's not like we can't remember what day of the week comes next - allegedly. Or that we can't remember what she does with her linen on each day. It's more that we can't remember whose turn it is to sing the "dashing away" bits. Och well, at least the audience haven't heard our other 2 attempts at it and so can't say we were better/worse than the last concert! LOL

After this concert, apart from the AGM, that's us finished singing until September. Crumbs, that's ages away!

I did hear that, to get ourselves going for the next session, our conductor's going to give out a list of songs at the AGM which she wants us to "look at" - aka "learn the words of" - over the summer. Christmas songs in July? Whatever next?

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

sundresses - all done!

I finished Debbie's sundress which she had started and then got stuck with. She brought it home last November for me to finish for her. I thought, since it's now less than 3 weeks until we go to Canada to see her and Jason - and Molly - that I'd better get on and get it done.

And, I made this sundress for Jo last summer but, we didn't quite time it properly and, by the time we got to doing the straps, summer was gone. So it got left until "later". I dug it out and finished it today as well.

Watch this, because I've finished Jo's sundress, we probably won't see any more sun here! I hope finishing Deb's sundress doesn't jinx the weather when we get to Canada!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

getting back to dressmaking

In the "old days" I always made my own clothes. I hardly ever bought anything - I made it all. Well, not underwear but I always thought if I had found a supplier of underwear bits, I'd have tried that too! :o)

Anyway, over the years, dressmaking has fallen by the wayside. Not because I didn't love sewing but more because of the cost of patterns and fabric. It was no longer a way to get something that fit you for less than it would cost to buy.

This week, I've been finishing off a sundress which Debbie brought home last November. As we're heading out to Canada in less than 3 weeks - wheeeeeeeee :o) - I thought I'd better stop faffing about and get it done.

Sewing the sundress has revitalised my love of dressmaking and I'm keen to get back to it. I've wondered for a while about taking classes to learn how to adjust sewing patterns to make them fit me properly.

I blog-hopped last night and I found several blogs which suggested that the Palmer and Pletsch way of altering patterns was the way to go so this morning I went to Amazon to see what I could find.

Today I ordered this book -

I also ordered the McCall's pattern from Bamber's on which the book is based. (I wonder if Amazon will ever stock sewing patterns - maybe best not! LOL)

Now I somehow have to find the patience to wait for the book and pattern to arrive. 2 to 3 days!! Maybe I should spend the time getting the rest of Debbie's sundress done.

Okay, off I go to attach the straps and put in the zip!

Friday, 21 May 2010

happy birthday, PAC-MAN

I just went to do a google search for something and was distracted by the google graphic for today.

Not only did the vision of the graphic distract me but it all of a sudden started playing the game and making sounds. It didn't half give me a bit of a start! LOL

Apparently it's PAC-MAN's 30th birthday today and that's what all that noise and movement is all about. I never ever played PAC-MAN and I really don't see me starting now! :oP

Now, I wonder what I was going to google? Nope, can't remember!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Monday, 17 May 2010

our birthday tea

My mum's birthday was last Wednesday. She was 82. Joanna's birthday was yesterday. She was 28. My birthday is tomorrow. I'll be 55.

So, we had a fancy birthday tea for ourselves yesterday afternoon. Here are some photos of what we ate.

Queen cakes (small cupcakes) with butter icing and various toppings.

Fruit loaf.

Double biscuits.


Peppermint slice.

We dug out some crackers which were left from Christmas time so we popped those and wore silly paper hats, told silly jokes and generally had a great time.

There was a lot of baking left over so Mum went home with a bagful of goodies and I won't need to bake this week. Yay!

Happy birthday to all of us! :o)

Thursday, 13 May 2010

singing again

Tomorrow night is the second of the three concerts the choir I sing in is putting on for this season. Again it'll be a no music job - we managed last time so no reason we won't manage again tomorrow.

Other than the fact that we are 3 members down. In a choir of 22, 3 is a lot. Worse, in a choir with only 7 men, being down by 2 men is not good. *sigh*

Oh well, the concert is in aid of Christian Aid so hopefully we'll get a good turnout. My crew are coming to this concert and know to clap enthusiastically no matter what we sound like! :oD

Hopefully it'll be good enough that others will clap enthusiastically too!

~ ~ ~

Edited to add - it went really well. Even better than our last concert. Go us! :o)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

a few photos

Douglas was out taking photos in the garden again today. Here are some of the photos he got.

Here's the finished Sudoku quilt for Joanna's friend Lizzy's baby due in July.

And isn't Rosie so cute? The only patch of sun in the living room was on the arm of the couch so, naturally, Rosie had to lie there! :o)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

finished in record time!

As I explained in my last post, the third book of Nora Roberts Bride Series, "Savour the Moment" arrived sooner than I expected it to. It arrived on Thursday afternoon and, although I unwrapped it, I was very well-behaved and didn't open the book. At all!

I did some rush-reading on the second in the series - Bed of Roses - so that I could then carry on and read the new one as soon as I finished it.

I finished that one on Friday evening and by bedtime I'd got to page 61 of the new one. I really didn't want to put it down to go to sleep.

I spent most of Saturday reading it with short breaks now and again for eating and other vital matters. I finished the book on Saturday evening and wanted to immediately get on with the 4th book.

Unfortunately, that's not due out until the 6th of December! Man, that's a long time to wait! Why do authors do that to us? Why not release the whole series at once and then people can decide to buy one book at a time or the whole series if they'd rather.

I'd rather! I want that 4th book now! *stomping my foot like a petulant child!* :oD

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I thought I'd timed it perfectly!

If you've been visiting me for a while you can't have missed the books I've been reading this year. All my favourites by my favourite author - Nora Roberts.

I decided at the beginning of the year to mark the time until May when the new Bride Series book came out by reading all those books. I knew the new book was due out around about the 10th of May because I pre-ordered it from Amazon as soon as it was allowed. (I've got the one due out in December on pre-order as well!)

Well, I just started the second book in the Bride Series yesterday. Plenty time to read it before the third one comes out on the 10th of May.

But, I got an e-mail from Amazon this morning to say the third one's been dispatched! Drat. All that planning and I'm not going to be able to start it as soon as it drops through the letterbox?

I think I'll be reading the book I started yesterday v-e-r-y quickly! :oD

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

how it went

The concert last Friday went quite well. I won't say it was perfect - the day we do a perfect concert will be the day we see blue snow! LOL

The last thing our conductor, Susan, said to us before we went on was that she didn't want us to worry about the words or the notes. If we couldn't remember what came next, we were to just stop singing and join back in when we could. Or in some of the songs, we were just to sing the tune and it would all be fine. Most of all, she wanted us to enjoy ourselves.

The funniest thing that happened as far as I was concerned was in a song called "Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron". We were on the Wednesday verse and I was very aware that the choir was getting quieter and quieter. Surely everyone wasn't forgetting the words/notes all at the same time?

This was one of the songs where we could just sing the tune so, when everyone else was getting quieter, I just kept singing "dashing away with the smoothing iron" until at one point, I was left singing it on my own! Susan looked at me and I couldn't make up my mind if it was a glower for singing on my own or a "thank goodness Anne kept singing" look!

Anyway, she quickly brought everyone back in for the last line of that verse and everyone seemed to have a mass remembering as on we went with the Thursday verse and the rest of the song as if nothing had happened.

After we'd finished, Susan turned to the audience and said "they have a lot of trouble with that song because they can't remember the days of the week!". LOL

I looked up the music when I got home and the bit I had sung on my own was actually the alto line - not mine at all. Oooops! :oD

I'm sure Susan will have a few things to say to us at this week's rehearsal - like learn "Dashing" better for the next concert in 2 weeks' time!