Friday, 16 April 2010

volcanic skies

You may have heard that the skies over Britain are silent. No aeroplanes are flying because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. The ash and smoke from that eruption headed our way and, as of yesterday, all flights were cancelled because of the danger to the jet engines.

I can't say I've noticed that there have been no planes but then, we're not exactly on a flight path. It is strange, though, to look up and not see the white trails in the sky where the planes have been.

I took some photos of the sky over us today to see if I could see any evidence of the ash and smoke but I can't say that I noticed anything. See if you can see it.

Looking north -

Looking south - okay, it would be south if you could see over the roof! LOL

Looking west - I don't think the lightness at the bottom was dust - I think it was sunshine!

I see that, this afternoon, some flights have come into Scotland and Northern Ireland but the rest of the UK are still no-plane areas. How awful for all the holiday makers trying to go away - or come back!

When I was out there taking photos, a couple of pigeons - who obviously didn't see I was there - came to mooch around the bird table to see what they could find.


  1. Ha! I've been wondering if any of you blog friends have been noticing the effects of the eruption -- thanks for giving us a peek!

  2. We're supposed to be going on holiday a week on Tuesday .....

  3. Yep it looks like you've been quite effected by that volcano. ;o)

  4. Those volcanic skies have been making me nervous. Heard flights have started back up! I fly in less that 2 weeks!


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