Friday, 30 April 2010

singing - with no music!

The choir I sing in is doing a concert tonight. It's going to be a momentous occasion because this is the first concert we'll have done where we are not allowed to have any music to hold. Scary!

Having said that, as long as we don't think about things too much, we're fine. If we stand there thinking "I can't remember what comes next" then we don't remember what comes next and we end up fluffing things.

But, if we just listen to each other, watch the conductor and just sing, we do absolutely fine. Let's hope we manage that tonight - with all 22 songs! Don't think about it, Anne. It'll be fine!

I made some new bow ties for our men to wear. I've made 2 sets for them before but these ones are by far the best yet.


  1. Good luck!! I love the bow ties, very festive.

  2. Oh, that bowtie fabric is just perfect with all the little notes. I hope it went well tonight.


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