Wednesday, 7 April 2010

my new Ka

I picked up my new car last night but as it was raining I decided to leave the photographing until today.

I love it! I love the colour - no matter how much Mark the salesman kept insulting it! And Douglas too! Silly boys! What do they know about cars? All they want is something that goes fast.

Me? I want to be able to find my car in the car park which is a lot easier when your car is not the same colour as every other car in said car park!

I smiled when I came out of the gym this morning because there it was - the only green car in the car park. Yay! It works! LOL

Talking of speed - as I was driving home the car beeped at me. Yikes! What was that for? Well, it was telling me I was going over the speed limit! Yep, each time I went over 70mph it beeped.

Now, whether I'll leave that or find how to switch it off is something I'll decide later. I mean, I only ever go over 70 when I'm passing some numpty who decides to speed up as I pass them - *sigh* - so it won't beep too often. In theory.

But beeping aside - I love my new Ka! :o)


  1. Hi Anne,

    Love the new Ka.Correct me if I am wrong but did Douglas not have one that colour years ago ? A ford escort.
    Hope all is well with you and family.I haven't been on your blog for some time.Your craft work just seems to get better and better.
    Take care Anne,

    Linda x

  2. It's adorable Anne -- and I LOVE that color too! I don't know about that beeping though -- it would come in to play regularly around here -- I'd definitely have to turn it OFF!!!

  3. It's so cute!! Being able to spot my car easily in the lot is something I miss about the Beast. It was Bright yellow and just screamed "I'm right here!!!" So helpful. :o) I still love NB to bits, I just stuck a Magnet on the back to spot it easier. ;o)

    What kind of car is it? SUPER cute, they just aren't that cute over here.

  4. Hi Anne
    Someone left a comment on my blog which mentioned Thimbleanna, so of course I had a look, and saw a mention of you ..... so as another Scottish Anne with a blog, of course I had to visit you too!! I'm about to get a Fiesta - it is morello, so will be much easier to spot than my current silver car!! Hope you have recovered from your sore back, regards, Anne

  5. Hi Linda!

    You're right - Douglas did have a green Ford Escort back in the day but his was a brighter green than my new car. :o)

  6. Anna - Douglas has already said he'd have found out how to switch the speed warning off. He drives much more quickly than I do! :oD

  7. Dedi - it's a Ford Ka. I don't think they're made for the US market.

    Maybe they should be as I'll be getting about 60 miles to the gallon. Cool!

  8. Anne - how lovely to meet you. I'll definitely be reading your blog.

    Enjoy your new Fiesta! :o)


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