Thursday, 15 April 2010

the Links Market

Each spring, in the third week of April, the Links Market comes to town. It's said to have been started in 1304 as a weekly farmer's market. Now it's the longest street fair in Europe and last 6 days.

Douglas and Joanna went down for a walk-through tonight. I persuaded Douglas to take my camera with him. Here are the photos he took.

I think the people who go on this ride must be a bit bonkers!

Now this is more like it - I used to love the Helter Skelter.

More rides for the bonkers people - and some candy floss can just be seen in bags on the right.

I remember as a child being absolutely terrified of the ghost train. I don't like the look of this one either!


Double yikes!!


  1. How very fun! Our fairs always have the best food -- you should run down there and get some!!!

  2. My candy floss was just delicious. As usual though, Dad wouldn't even taste a little bit! It's become a ritual that I try to force him to eat some! Luckily for her, Rosie wasn't there to taste some either!

  3. I certainly wouldn't go on the rides - but I would indulge in some candy floss!!

  4. Anna - the only food the Links Market has is candy floss, toffee apples, burgers and hot dogs. Definitely not worth going for! :oD

  5. Jo - how come I didn't get a sniff of your candy floss?

  6. Anne - I certainly wouldn't set foot on any of the rides. Those days are long gone - thankfully! LOL


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