Sunday, 25 April 2010

April Day Out

Last Wednesday we went gallivanting around the countryside. Yes, I realise I'm way behind in sharing the photos but better late than never. :o)

First of all we headed for Melrose Abbey.

First things first - snack! My strawberry and cream scone - fuzzy photo but VERY yummy! :o)

My cup of tea -

Douglas's mug of hot chocolate -

Jo's cappuccino - with her strawberry and cream scone in the background -

Melrose Abbey -

The "grave" where King Robert the Bruce's heart is buried -

Some of the graves -

You know, I was thinking as I read some of the hundreds of gravestones at Melrose, that I've always had a fascination for graveyards. Not in any ghoulish way. I love to read about the love people had for one another - "beloved husband", "much beloved wife" and so on. Love endures - even death can't take it away.

There are also stories there that you never know the answers to. For example - there was a stone for a young woman who died one day and the very next day her toddler daughter died. How sad.

Anyway, on with our day.

This is Abbotsford where Sir Walter Scott did his stuff.

One of the gardens -

The front lawn -

We had lunch at Abbotsford but I forgot to take photos of my scrumptious mushroom soup with fresh bread. It was soooooo good. :o)


  1. Loverly pictures! It was a really good day! :)

  2. You live in the COOLEST PLACE. There's some cool stuff over here but not nearly as cool as Scotland.

  3. Aw, man ... you're making me homesick. Scotland is my wannabe home LOL. We went to the Abbey's when we were there -- only it was pretty late in the afternoon and we only actually got to go through one of them -- and I've forgotten it's name! (Starts with a D? This getting old is the pits!) The second one had just closed when we got there -- boohoo.

    Can you go inside at Abbottsford? It looks wonderful!

  4. Anna - it might have been Dunfermline Abbey?

    And yes, we went into Abbotsford but there was a "no photographs inside the house" rule. You can see photos of the inside here -


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