Friday, 19 March 2010


I've spent a bit of time this week trying to tidy out some of the folders on my computer. I have achieved a little but, of course, being computer files, there's nothing to show for the clean up.

I think I've thrown out the equivalent of several suitcases worth of stuff - mostly scrapbooking stuff that I thought "Why have I got this? It's hideous!" but, as I say, nobody can see these virtual suitcases to see how much time and effort this has taken me.

In the looking through the folders, I found a few things that I'm glad I kept. I'll show some more later but today's show off photos are all of bedspreads I made years ago. The photos aren't as big as I'd like them to be but these were taken in the days before I knew anything about Photoshop and Douglas made them this size. I'm hoping he might have the bigger versions on his computer but, meanwhile, these will have to do.

This is the bedspread on our bed. The patchwork pattern is called log cabin on point.

This is the one I made for Debbie. It's now in Canada with her. It's in the rail road fence pattern.

This is Joanna's. The pattern is courthouse steps alternating with plain fabric squares - ie not patchworked.

I made this one for my mum's 75th birthday in 2003. The pattern is called blueberry pie.

And this one I made for Douglas's mum's 80th birthday in 2004. The pattern is called Zig Zag.

None of these bedspreads are quilted. They are all made with prewashed curtain fabrics and backed with sheets. I must admit to still being really proud of them. :o)


  1. Super cool!! I love the one you made for your mum! :o)

  2. very nice! I love the blueberry one.

  3. Yay for cleaning out -- we benefit because we get to see your beautiful quilts and projects! I need to go through my pictures too -- they sure add up fast, dont' they? I love the vibrant colors in those last two quilts!


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