Tuesday, 23 February 2010

not my fault! :oD

Douglas asked me to go and buy him some trainers today. What I think he forgot was that one of my favourite money-wasting shops was right next door. Well, not really money-wasting - more like money-sucking! :oD

I got the trainers for him and, naturally, wandered into said shop. What did I buy? Some fabric remnants - a black with white spots and a navy gingham - and some more wool.

Okay, I know I didn't really need the fabric or the wool but, since I was there anyway, I just thought I should get some! Not my fault! I mean, I wouldn't have gone there at all if I hadn't had to buy his trainers! So, Douglas is getting the blame! :oD

Anyway, now that I've unblamed myself for that, here's why I wanted some more colours of wool. I'm in the process of making a round blankie. This is just a quick photo of it - I didn't take any time to make sure it was lying flat!

I don't know how big this will become. It's only about 30" across at the moment and I think it needs to be bigger than that. I'll just keep going until I get bored with it.

And then I'll need to think of something else to use up all this yarn I keep buying! :oD

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  1. Very pretty! You should do pillowcases with us -- those will use up some yarn scraps!

    Tell Douglas, all of your friends thank him LOL!


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