Friday, 19 February 2010

nighties, buttons and ripples

I needed to make myself some new nighties as the ones I was wearing were really getting past their best. My problem is, I need the nighties to be made of cotton - no polycotton will do. Night sweats are a pest and cotton helps a wee bit.

Anyway, my local fabric shop only had a few cottons and they were £6.99 per metre. 2.3 metres x £7 didn't make for a cheap nightie so I had almost given up on the idea of making them. I was sure I'd be able to buy them for less than that. Well, I could - but not in cotton.

Last week, Joanna wanted to go to Ikea to get some shelves and other stuff for her kitchen. As I had no Singers that night, I decided to tag along with her - Douglas was delegated to drive us. Well, there in Ikea's curtain fabric department there was pure cotton curtain fabric at £1.99 per metre. Of course I bought some - enough to make 3 nighties! And I spent less than it would have cost to by enough for one nightie at my local fabric shop.

Okay, it's curtain fabric but it's like a kitchen or bathroom weight - not a heavy curtain fabric at all. I washed it and tumble-dried it and then made 3 nighties. I LOVE them!

Next subject - buttons.

I was reading Joanna's explanation of why she'd wanted buttons on her blog and I remembered as a child being allowed to play in my mum's button box. I could spend ages just finding matching buttons or stacking all the red ones or deciding on a favourite button etc etc.

Now my buttons were all separated into glass jars in their separate colours. Not exactly exciting to play in or even look at. So I decided to put them into one box. I might regret it one day if I'm looking for a specific colour but, oh my goodness, I LOVE this box. I bet Joanna does too!

And, finally - the ripples. I finished the ripple blankie this afternoon. I LOVE it!

So does Rosie! :oD


  1. That nightie is so cool. You could easily wear that as a retro dress or a smock come summer!

    I LOVE the button box. I think it's about time that I started to 'collect' buttons!!

    And the blanket is very pretty. When you're scrolling down the page while looking at it, it makes your eyes go funny but it's still really cool!

    J x

  2. When I come over tomorrow can I please put my hand right to the bottom of the box of buttons?

  3. Wow! I see what you mean about your eyes going funny when you scroll down over the ripple blankie!

    And, I'd be surprised if you didn't want to put your hand into the button box! :oD

  4. Oh -- it's all most excellent Anne! Lovely nighty and the ripple is gorgeous!!!

  5. LOL that fabric makes much nicer looking nighties than curtains LOL.

    I love that rippled blanket, looks great for snuggling in.


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