Sunday, 7 February 2010

New Lanark - the photos

As promised, here are some of the photos of New Lanark.

The view of New Lanark from way up at the car park.

The view of the river - the Clyde - from the way down the hill from the car park.

A closer view of the river.

The roof top garden with views over to the hotel.

The building with the tree in front of it is the church. The house at the left is Robert Owen's house.

The mill workers' houses.

The hotel.

Douglas taking a photo of a wooden owl in the rooftop garden. It looks like the owl is posing for him!

There were quite a few statues of animals and birds in the roof top garden. This frog was my favourite.

By the way - no, I didn't buy any wool. I know - amazing, isn't it! LOL

And, Anna, Robert Owen, who was the main man at New Lanark in the early nineteenth century went on to try the same sort of thing in New Harmony, Indiana. Small world!


  1. Wow! That's amazing! I read the info at wikipedia, but somehow missed what happened to Owen's vision at New Lanark. Is there a museum there now? As for New Albany, I went to the wikipedia link for New Albany, and interestingly, Owen isn't even mentioned. They must have considered him a blip on the radar. Which is odd, as it looks like his children became rather prominent Indiana citizens.

    Thanks for teaching me something about my own state -- what an interesting post!

  2. Yes, it is a museum. We were able to see Robert Owen's house, a mill worker's house, one of the working cotton mills and the village store amongst others.

    The place in Indiana is called New Harmony. I searched on google maps for it and it's a wee bit north and west of Evansville.

    It's an amazingly small world! :o)


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