Saturday, 6 February 2010

happy birthday, Douglas!

Today is Douglas's birthday. He's 55. *gasp*

For the next 3 months I'll be sleeping with an older man! After my own birthday I won't go on about how old he is until next year at this time! tee hee

For his birthday we went to New Lanark. It was fascinating. I learnt a lot! I took lots of photos but haven't taken them off my camera yet - will do that soon and post them if they look half decent.

In the meantime - Happy birthday, Douglas. I love you … old man! :oD


  1. Happy Birthday, daddy! Hope you had a good day!

    As an aside - did you see, mum, that you can buy balls of wool online from New Lanark? Interesting!

  2. Oooh, I clicked on that link -- now I can't wait for your post!

    And happy Birthday Douglas!

    (Like your daughter, I noticed the yarn at the New Lanark site -- did you buy any?)


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