Friday, 12 February 2010

the dolly dilemma

My brother was here yesterday and brought his grand-daughter, Lianna (3), with him. She loves to play with Rosie's toys and was wrapping them up in the hexagon blankie I'd made.

I thought it would be much better if she played with "real" toys so took her up to the spare room and dug out my old dolly.

Oh dear, poor dolly. She really could do with an eye op!

She really could do with a new 'do!

Her dress was beautiful - I made it years ago!!

She still had her nail varnish on - (sorry about the fuzziness!)

But the embarrassment came when Lianna discovered this -

Oh my goodness! Dolly looked like a princess until you discovered she had no underwear on! Dearie, dearie me.

So, today, I raked through the bag that's destined for the charity shop and dug out a pink polo neck. I cut off the bottom of one of the sleeves, sewed a few seams to tighten things up, sewed along the crutch and yippee - no more embarrassing moments.

Dolly looks delighted!

As for the eye op - well, there's a dolls' hospital over in Edinburgh so I checked out how much it would be to get her done. £25 plus special delivery postage each way - a total of approximately £40! Mmmm. Sorry, dolly, I just don't see that happening any time soon.


  1. Cool pants! I still think you should take her to the hospital - she would be so happy! :)

  2. Hahaha -- so funny! Good for Dolly -- now she doesn't have to be feeling like a shameless hussy! Great job!!!

  3. LOL great job on her shorts, she really needs a new eye though that is a bit freaky looking. LOL


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