Friday, 22 January 2010

wrist bag and sunset

I made this wee bag so I could take my purse, cards and mobile phone with me when I go to the swimming pool or at any other time I want to go out without taking my whole handbag with me.

I made it with the below-knee part of one leg of a pair of jeans and lined it, decorated it and made the handle and zip puller with some pink polka dot cotton which I bought in the pre-Christmas sales.

I used it this morning on my trip to the pool. It did the job perfectly! :o)

And here's tonight's sunset. Beautiful! :o)


  1. Both very pretty! You're so clever! :)

  2. Very cute! Jo, do you still have the little pencil cases that mum made for us that look like this?!
    And a lovely sunset too!


  3. Anne, I love the bag! too cute :)


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