Thursday, 14 January 2010

no music allowed!

We had our first Singers' rehearsal of 2010 this evening. Our conductor is determined that we're going to learn our stuff off by heart so we don't have any music at our concerts. Our initial reaction was a mixture of "Yikes!" and "Oh sure, we can do that - not!".

But, you know, we then sang through about 10 songs without the music and, although not note or word perfect, we did not too badly.

As the person who stands beside me said, holding the music is like holding a security blanket. You know fine you can live without it - you just don't particularly want to!

We'll be fine. Yes we will. Hopefully! :o)

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  1. You always think you lot are worse than you actually are. Not that you're bad or anything!! I'm sure it'll be wonderful! :)


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