Sunday, 24 January 2010

more places I want to be!

I so want to be somewhere when this happens. I wouldn't know the steps but you can bet I'd take part! :oD

I'd be okay at this one - at least I know the words - and can sing! :o)


  1. I positively ADORE the T-mobile commercials!! :o)

  2. I love those spontaneous things -- I'd love to be where they happen too! Maybe we should have a bunch of bloggers get together and do that LOL!

  3. I was at the Halifax Farmers Market last week and some people tried to start a dance like that. Problem is though that the space the market is in is always packed full of people and only about 10feet wide! Unfortunately it was unsuccessful! It was fun to see them try though!

  4. Yes, that would be fun! I found your blog from Thimbleanna's, where you commented about joining Ravelry. That website can eat up time, it is so fun to look at everyone's projects. I like your blog description, Scotland always looks and sounds lovely in the moives, but I haven't been out of the US. I love the pictures of the chimneys at sunset!


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