Thursday, 7 January 2010

google solved the problem!

As I posted last night, I wanted to expand the white bit in the middle of my blog. I looked at the HTML code and couldn't figure which bit to change. I did change some numbers and nothing seemed to happen. Mmmm

Okay, if you can't figure stuff out, you look it up on google. So I searched for "how do I widen my blog post" and wow - so many results. I read through a few which actually just told people to widen their blogs but didn't actually say how to do it - not very helpful!!

Then I clicked on here - Genius! It just told you which bit to find in the HTML code and which numbers to change.

I used the numbers they suggested - 860 and 610 - but the white bit was actually too wide so I change mine to 810 and 560 and here it is. I'm now a happy bunny! :o)

Now today's problem is italic text. Firefox did an upgrade when I switched on my computer this morning and now every time I post a post or write an e-mail the text is in italics. Not that big a deal but it's annoying.

I wonder if I can find out what to do to sort it on google? Probably! :oD

Edited to add - it did! Apparently I had the wrong fonts as default fonts. I've changed them to what Mozilla/Firefox said they should be and voilà, no italic text. Go me - and go google! :oD


  1. Woo Hoo! I have used that site in the past to change my blog width too.

    I am already bored with my current theme...Maybe I will go searching for something later.


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