Monday, 21 December 2009

they were wrong!!

We did get snow but not at the times the weather forecasters said we would. We woke up to no new snow - thankfully!

It did snow later in the morning and it did look heavy now and again but it only lasted minutes and didn't lie too much. Again - thankfully!!

Tomorrow I intend going to the supermarket for the last shop before Christmas. I really need it not to snow so I can get there and back without worrying that we might run out of milk!

Funny how tomorrow's shop will be only for "sensible" food like milk, butter, eggs and bread and maybe some fruit. All the "fancy" stuff is in the fridge or freezers already. Hopefully that will make the trip short and sweet!

Oh and just one more thing - Santa's almost on his way. You can check out his progress on the Norad site. Fun!! :o)


  1. glad you didn't get snowed in.... hten again that can sometimes be a lot of fun- the "hard" times usually make the best memories!

  2. I just realized my comment could be taken wrong by someone. I meant that adversity and difficulties can often be recalled fondly after it's over- not other pastimes associated with being snowed in and the paly on words with "hard" times. Sorry! It just jumped out at me after I posted that. :D (but hey, if the mood strikes ya....!!!)


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