Saturday, 12 December 2009

lights out!!

We had sung the first 3 songs in our concert/entertainment last night when the lights went out! Thankfully, there was emergency lighting, so we weren't completely in the dark but it raised some issues.

The accompanist couldn't see the music very well so someone provided a torch which was attached to his car keys. One of the men had to stand beside the piano shining this silly little torch on to the music.

We didn't know quite what to do but, as the next song was "Good King Wenceslas" with audience participation, we decided to go for it in the little light we did have. We managed it perfectly well - just goes to show that, of course, you know the words without needing to look at the music!

It made the atmosphere very jovial - how could you not laugh when you were singing "Sire, the night grows darker now"!! :oD

The next song was meant to be a ladies only number in Spanish and with many page turns for the accompanist. We were just wondering if we should leave it out when the lights came back on again. So it was back to "normal" from then on.

I won't say we were note/word perfect - the day we are, I think there'll be blue snow - but it was fun and relaxed. Everything the entertainment at a Christmas party should be.

Oh and the 12 Days of Christmas was a complete hoot. The person who stands next to me in the choir is a primary school teacher and she said it was worse than she'd expect from her pupils! Adults can be so silly when they get given instruments to play! :oD

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  1. How fun -- I'll bet it was beautiful! And funny I should read your post now -- I'm watching a men's a-capella group singing Christmas Carols -- they're known for their rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas, which I'm sure will be their finale!


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