Tuesday, 22 December 2009

it hurts! :o(

Yesterday I got my second swine flu jag. Apparently, if you're on immuno-suppressant drugs, you need a second jag. See, that makes no sense to me. If my immune system is being suppressed, does that not mean I should need less of the drug?

Anyway, yesterday I got my part 2. I wasn't worried about it in the slightest because the first one went very well. In fact, I hardly felt it going into my arm. Oh, my arm was a bit tender for a couple of days but nothing worth writing home - or blogging - about!

The nurse who called me yesterday wasn't the same one I had last time. She got the needle ready and I swear when she approached me, I kept thinking of Psycho. She was holding that needle just like Norman held that knife. Talk about a "whoa!" moment.

I just stood there and tried not to flinch when the needle went in - I don't think I succeeded! I felt a bit weird all afternoon yesterday but I just put it down to having had the jag and then getting bloods taken to make sure everything is as it should be because of the aforementioned immuno-suppressants.

Well, today my arm is really aching. It feels like someone hit me with a club - or some psycho stabbed me!

I'll be okay soon. It's certainly not going to stop me enjoying my Christmas celebrations! :oP

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