Saturday, 26 December 2009

is it okay??

Is it okay to be kind of relieved that Christmas is over for another year? Don't get me wrong - I LOVE Christmas and all it stands for but, after it's done, I'm quite happy to let it go until the next time.

I'm going to write a few things here so that, if I check next year, I won't forget.


I am a good cook but the Christmas Day turkey always gets the better of me. Yes, a lot of the stress is self-imposed but that doesn't make it any easier to handle.

Yesterday's turkey dilemmas started with ice. According to the radio, the turkey should have been defrosted in 5 hours. 15 hours after taking it out of the freezer there was still ice on and in it. I left it for another hour when we decided that it looked fine.

After giving it the package-advised 2 hours cooking, the meat thermometer was still 10º below where it should have been. After another half hour, the temperature was 5º lower than it had been half an hour earlier. What???? (BTW - I know the thermometer works so it wasn't that.)

I could feel my blood pressure rising by the minute. Stupid turkey. Why did we have it? Why didn't we just have chicken? Or mince and tatties??? Grumble, grumble, grumble.

After a lot of tears on my part - how ridiculous to allow a turkey to reduce me to a blubbering idiot!! - we decide to have just the trimmings and the chipolata sausages.

And we had plenty to eat. More than plenty as we had to leave pudding until about 8pm when we had room for it!

So, Anne, if you're reading this in 2010 - DO NOT BUY TURKEY!!!!!


  1. And there was totally no need to be upset - tea was delicious!

    But I'll still be sure to remind you next year about the turkey but you must listen to what I say. Let's just make that your resolution for 2010 - do what I say! I like that! :)


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