Thursday, 31 December 2009

all back door photos of 2009

Here are all the back door photos I took this year. I've put them together as a gif so we can watch the changing seasons. They are not in the least bit perfectly aligned but, considering the photos were all taken with a point and shoot camera hand held by me, I don't think it's too shabby.

Just one thing - Photobucket won't allow files as big as this to be loaded so it has shrunk it down a wee bit. Oh well, you can still see the photos and the changing seasons! :o)

If you prefer to see them all individually, here they are. Included at the bottom is the video which I mistakingly took of the snow. I think it's cool! :oD

Click if you'd like to see them bigger. :o)

Happy New Year! :o)


  1. My God - was it ever really warm enough to be sitting outside with hardly any clothes on? Gives me the shivers!

    That's really cool though. I could watch it for ages!

    J x

  2. How fun to see a year in your backyard -- I watched them as they happened, but it's more fun to watch them all together! Happy, Happy New Year!!!

  3. This is so cool! It looks really amazing all together in the movie!
    You had a lot of snow last year!

    I could watch it for ages too!



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