Thursday, 12 November 2009

they've gone :o(

Debbie and Jason are heading for the airport as I type. I miss them already! :o(

I can't believe I'm sitting at the computer at 5am! I probably should have gone back to bed but I didn't. I put a load in the washing machine, ordered some books from Amazon (oops!) and then decided to blog.

I think I might go and read my book until Douglas gets back from the airport. We'll then have some breakfast together - a thing we never do during the week as he leaves way too early for a civilised breakfast before he goes to work!

Then I have to take Mum to Asda for her messages and then I have Singers tonight - rehearsing for 2 concerts next week.

I think I wrote all that to show to myself that, even without Debbie here, life goes on. I know she is sooooooo happy in Canada but that doesn't make it any easier to say cheerio.

I love you Debs - and I think Jason is well worth keeping! ;o)

As we say in Scotland - haste ye back!

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  1. Hi Anne,

    Sorry to hear that Debbie and Jason are away back to Canada already--the time has just flown by.
    Maybe you should go and visit them in the near future.
    Chin up and enjoy preparing for your concerts next week.

    Luv Linda x


Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blethers. I really appreciate it. I do try to reply to everyone but sometimes life just gets in the way of that happening! :o)