Tuesday, 10 November 2009

catching up

I've finally sat myself down and loaded the photos from my camera into the computer. Here are just a few of our trip to Stirling. Yes, it was pouring rain!

First of all we went to the Wallace Monument -

The Wallace Sword -

The view over to Stirling Castle -

Joanna just being herself. I'm going to get into so much trouble for showing this photo but I LOVE it!! :oP

We then went to Stirling Bridge where William Wallace beat the pants off the English. :oD

Douglas with Stirling Castle in the background.

Debbie and Jason with the "new" Stirling Bridge in the background.

Then on to Stirling Castle -

Sheltering from the rain -

The view back to the Wallace Monument -

Then on Saturday we went over to Granny's house to meet up with Fiona, Michael, Jillian and Rory - and Granny!

Debbie telling Douglas how to work her camera.

Granny with Jillian and Fiona.

Adding Debbie and Joanna and Rosie - with Douglas in the background!

And then I just have to show this one to show Debbie's new hat! Makes me laugh out loud when I see it! :oD

Phew! Tons of photos!

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  1. Looks like you've had a wonderful visit. I love the shots in the rain -- that's just what it looked like both times we visited Stirling Castle. Throw in some high winds on that last visit too LOL!


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