Friday, 13 November 2009

a busy weekend ahead

Douglas and I are going along to Jo's house to help her "get out of the bit" with her unpacking and little-job-doing.

She still has quite a lot of boxes around but, as I found when I was along there on Wednesday waiting for the phone man to come, most of it is kitchen stuff which she can't put away because the kitchen isn't done yet.

I've suggested to her that we pile all of those boxes out of the way until the kitchen is ready for them. Once we've done that, I know the place will look a wee bit better organised.

We're also thinking we'll tackle the polystyrene tiles on the walls and ceiling in the kitchen and bathroom. Yep, you read that right, there are polystyrene tiles all over the walls and up and over the ceilings in both the bathroom and the kitchen. It doesn't take too long to get them off but, oh, it's painful on the hands. And the dust! Yuck!

Anyway, I really hope we get a ton of work done and then, if the plumber does manage to get there next week to sort her central heating, she'll be comfy and cosy in her house.

Until we start fitting out her kitchen - but that won't be this weekend!

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  1. Thanks mama! At least the house is tidy now if still a teensy bit cold!


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