Saturday, 17 October 2009

more carpet

We spent another day going back and forward to Jo's new home with stuff she'd dumped on us. This morning we finished putting the wardrobe back together and then I hung all the clothes that were on hangers.

Jo then put some other bits and pieces into the chest of drawers and then we went through her jumpers to see which ones she liked/wore/fitted. We ended up getting rid of a lot! Yes, it should have been done before she flitted but, since the jumpers only took up 2 smallish boxes, it wasn't that big a deal.

Then we came home for an early lunch as we had to be back at 1pm for the man to come and fit the cable. The "opening" was 1pm to 6pm and, guess what? Yep, he didn't turn up. How annoying is that? Let's hope they have a good reason for him not arriving!

I'm hoping we'll have a slighly less busy day tomorrow but I think I'm living in cloud cuckoo land. There's still a heckuva lot of stuff along here which needs to be along there. Oh well, the more stuff we move, the more carpet I can see here.

Mmmm - does that mean I'll have to hoover more? :oD

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