Monday, 12 October 2009

less legs!

I bought a pair of boots a few years ago - seen in this photo.

I love these boots. They look gorgeous both off and on my feet!

A couple of years ago, when I tried them on, they were too tight in the leg for me. I was really disappointed. I didn't know how to solve the problem and thought I was going to have to give up on the boots.

A few weeks ago I saw a pair of boots in a shop which, if I had to buy a new pair, would do. They weren't as fab as the boots I had but, if your boots don't fit you, you might as well not have them!

On my way home from the swimming pool this morning, I thought I might go into the shop and buy myself those boots. But then I talked myself out of it - "you don't wear boots often enough to warrant the expense … you've got a pair at home that you could cut down the legs a bit to make them fit" and so on.

So, this afternoon, I dug my old favourites out from under the bed and pulled them on. Imagine my delight to find that they fit my legs again! In fact, better than that - there's room for 2 fingers down the legs. Not that I could walk around with 2 fingers tucked down my boots! :oD

So, not only have I lost 3" off my bum since I started swimming, I have also lost some leg size! Yay!!!


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