Friday, 16 October 2009

I'm exhausted!

Today Joanna got the keys of her new home. We have spent the last few days doing the final surge of packing and yesterday I took apart her bed and her wardrobe.

This morning it was all hands on deck then Jo and I did some cleaning and off we went to the local hardware store to get something to put on the end of the now cut cooker cable so the new owner of her old flat doesn't electrocute himself.

Whilst we were there her phone rang and it was her lawyer to tell her she could collect the keys to her new house. Yay!!

We took several car loads along - she dumped a ton of her stuff at our house in the past few weeks to make today's move easier. Now it's time to start getting it all along to her new house.

I foresee a few more exhausted days ahead of us but it will all be worth it. Jo's so excited about her new house and it has a garden too. She thinks that makes her a grown-up! :oD

Off for a wee lie down! :o)

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  1. Hello Anne! I love the phrase "wee lie down" -- so cute! You and Isabelle are cracking me up on my blog -- thanks so much for the entertainment!


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