Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I like diddling!

I've decided I like diddling. I'm good at it and I can take as long as I like doing it! I can diddle in the morning or the afternoon. I can fill a few minutes diddling or a few hours. Yep, I like to diddle.

Now, I really hope that diddling doesn't have any rude meanings that I don't know about! *gasp* If they do, that's NOT the kind of diddling I do. (I might be good at that kind of diddling as well - I might even like that kind of diddling! - but let's not go there! :oD)

Today I diddled for a while in the sewing room. I had a couple of scarves to sew for Singers but after that I just tidied a little and looked at fabrics and just generally, well, diddled about thinking about what I would make next or next week or next month. My fabourite kind of diddling.

Maybe that's why I don't seem to achieve much some days - I spend too long diddling!

And now I'm diddling on the computer. I've read some blogs and thought about what we're having for tea - too late for the brisket I bought! Note to self - pay more attention to the time tomorrow!! No diddling!! :oD


Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blethers. I really appreciate it. I do try to reply to everyone but sometimes life just gets in the way of that happening! :o)