Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I did too much

I had to go along to Jo's house this afternoon so she could get her satellite dish put up and joined up and started and whatever else goes into getting that done.

I had an early lunch, loaded my car with more of her stuff and off I went. I unloaded the car and then started in her bedroom. She'd said many times she couldn't get to her wardrobe so I thought I would try and sort that for her.

2 hours later and I can say she can definitely get to her wardrobe and choose something from her wardrobe as I unloaded all the Ikea bags of her clothes into it. Let me say one thing - she'll never be able to say she has nothing to wear! LOL

Then I headed through to the kitchen to see if I could get her some room to do stuff in there.

I should say that the Sky man had arrived by this time and was doing whatever he was doing.

So, in the kitchen I washed her dishes and put them on the newly found dishrack to dry. I then rearranged some bits and pieces so she should now have room to manouevre in there.

Then on to the bathroom. I didn't do so much in there - my body was telling me to slow down so I did. I just cleaned the loo and the sink and wiped around the bath as much as I could.

I finally got back here after 4pm and had to leave the unloading of the car until later. I just couldn't face it! Luckily Douglas did it for me so I won't have to do it in the morning.

I know I did too much but Jo was so happy it was all worth it. :o)

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