Sunday, 25 October 2009

a couple of numpties!

This morning we got up, had breakfast then I headed out to pick up Jo to go to Tesco's. She'd told me yesterday not to peep the horn - she'd watch for me at the window. She didn't want to upset her new neighbours with me peeping my horn first thing on a Sunday morning!

Anyway, I get to her house and her bedroom curtains are closed - no sign of her watching out the window for me. I pulled the car in to the side of the road, got out and went to ring her bell. No reply.

I rang again and, thinking she had slept in and couldn't hear me, I got out my keys and tried them in the lock. Her keys were in the other side so I couldn't get mine to work.

I then heard the inside door being opened so I knocked on the door and made funny faces at the peephole in the door.

Imagine my surprise when Jo came to the door in her jammies and she asked me what I was doing there. She then told me it was just after 8 in the morning - not after 9 like I thought it was.

Yep - we had forgotten to put our clocks back!

Telling Jo I'd be back later, I headed home. I told Douglas that I would go back for Jo in an hour - when it was *really* 9 o'clock. It took him a few seconds to realise what we'd done!

Honestly what a couple of numpties! LOL

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