Thursday, 8 October 2009

bow ties and scarves

Today I made some new bow ties for the men in the Singers. The ladies already have tartan scarves made out of this fabric and I always meant to make bow ties to match but never seemed to get around to it. Well, today I got around! :o)

And, I then made some prototype scarves for our Christmas concert. I need to get the go ahead before I make the full set of 18 but I must admit I think they look great. I'm not 100% sure on the white but I'll just wait and see what Susan, our musical director, says tonight.

The photo isn't showing the green very well but it is a greeny green - not so bluey green.

And then I wondered about bow ties to match. There's no way I'm making them out of that organza so I'm now wondering if I might be able to use up some of my Christmas fabrics to make them. Again, I need to confer with Susan to see what she thinks.

The idea that I actually might use some of that enormous pile of Christmas fabric is really quite appealing to me! I've put 3 Christmas fat quarters in my bag to show her tonight so we'll see what she says.

Editing to say - one person objected to the green - they're for Christmas for pete's sake! - so now they're thinking of ordering more of some scarves we already have. I just looked it up online and they are £6 each. Needless to say, I'm not amused at being asked to make red, green and gold ones to let them see them and then, because of one person, they're not going to be used. They'd better not ask me to order them for them - I doubt I'd be very polite!! :oP

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  1. They look wonderful! Sorry someone didn't like green (huh?). And I hope they don't ask you to order them! That would be completely rude!


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