Thursday, 22 October 2009

back door photos so far

I know there aren't many to go to the end of the year but I decided to put the back door photos I've taken so far into a block. They are all clickable if you want to see them bigger.

Things I notice about the photos - in no particular order.
1. the middle tree at the back and how it changes from its spring colour - reddish pink - to summer colours - green. Also, there's approx 2 weeks between most of the photos so the tree changed from red to green in that short a time!
2. how grey the sky looks in the first photo in the second row where it had been snowing compared with the photo 2 below where the sky is so blue - and Jo, Douglas and Rosie are enjoying the sunshine.
3. the different shades of green in the grass
4. the position of the chairs on the grass - never quite the same.

Great fun. Let's hope I remember to keep taking them up until the end of the year! :o)

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