Wednesday, 9 September 2009

what happened to Anastasia?

In case you were wondering what had happened to the little Russian dolly called Anastasia, here's what I did with her.

Here's a slightly closer view to show off her face. I did just use coloured pencils. Not perfect, by any means, but she'll do.

Jo loved the bag and has already taken it home with her!

And whilst I'm showing off photos, here's what the sunflower looks like today:

The others are still to flower but, if they all come out, we're going to get quite a show. If you look at the flower at the bottom right, that's our very first gladioli/gladiolus if we're being pernickety! It's very pale yellow and quite hard to see but we're very proud of it!


  1. CUTE!! My dad has pictures of his grandfather's flower "farm". He had rows and rows Glads in every color. They were beautiful!


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