Friday, 25 September 2009

well, I'm here …

Douglas cleaned out my computer whilst I was out at Singers last night. Just as an aside - I'd much rather be Swing-Low-Sweet-Chariot-ing and Da-Do-Ron-Ron-ing than cleaning computers any day! :oD

Anyway, the computer is up and running but I still have lots of things to sort out. Backgrounds need changed, the icons in the dock really need to stop bouncing when I open the programs and I need to find all the stuff I saved for my Photoshop. We saved it "somewhere safe" but haven't found it yet. I doubt it's in the cutlery drawer which is my "somewhere safe" place offline! :oD

We finally located my Firefox bookmarks and I re-installed those this morning. The idea that I would have to find and bookmark them all again was giving me the heebie jeebies! I have so many bookmarks saved it's almost ridiculous! Oh, I know some of them could get the heave - maybe one day.

My FontExplorer hasn't been re-loaded in - yet. Douglas thinks the version I had was part of the cause of my computer's misbehaving - aka he thinks FontExplorer didn't work with Snow Leopard. If it worked with the old set-up, why is it FontExplorer that doesn't work with Snow Leopard and not the other way around? Just saying. :oP

Anyway, I've been reading the FontExplorer website and it cost money to get the new updated all bells and whistles version (£59 + VAT) so I don't know if I'll get it or not. But, hey, if the old - free - version doesn't work and I NEED FontExplorer - I do, I really, really do - then it looks like we'll be eating pasta for a few weeks so I can get the new one. :oD

I just tried to open my iTunes to play some music but there's nothing in it! It's empty. Same with my iPhoto. I feel some heebie-jeebieness coming on! I know the music and photos are "somewhere safe". Can I just say - aaaaaaaargh?!!!

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