Thursday, 24 September 2009

stop it! stop it now!!

My computer has been acting stupid recently. Activating fonts I don't want activated and de-activating ones I do want. Stop it! Stop it now!!

It also, all of a sudden, will make the fonts on a browser page go italic. Okay, I can read italic text but stop it! Stop it now!

Then Safari - which I only use now and again - was showing ads on the pages even though an Adblocker is installed. Same Adblocker Douglas has installed on his laptop and it's blocking his ads. Why not mine? Who knows? Not me! I'm just not using Safari until that's been sorted. Ads drive me potty!! Stop it! Stop it now!!

Douglas thinks the whole computer needs flattened - I've thought that often! :oD - so this week he's been busy saving all my stuff on to hard drives and discs and heaven knows what else.

Tonight, whilst I'm out at Singers, he's going to do whatever he's going to do to try and get it all running properly again. Emptying things, deleting things, flattening things and so on and so on.

Crumbs, I hope it works! If not, I might have to resort to doing housework!!

Okay, hands up who thinks that's going to happen any time soon? My hand isn't up! :oD

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