Friday, 11 September 2009

Museum of Scottish Rural Life

Today we went to the Museum of Scottish Rural Life in East Kilbride. We were shown around the farm by a very knowledgeable guide who took us right up to the animals and told us stories about how they got there and stuff like that. Fascinating.

We then wandered around the farmhouse and after a while, walked down the farm paths to the exhibition part. I took some photos whilst we were there. I think they say it all. :o)

First off, here are some photos of the vegetable garden:

A gorgeous fuchsia bush:

The hedges are full of rosehips this year:

And, best of all, the animals:

Black-faced sheep:

Tamworth pigs - sunbathing!

A Clydesdale horse:

A Highland cow - way under that tree!

The dairy cows:

And my absolute favourite - Nora Louise. Isn't she gorgeous?

We had a good day.

AND - it didn't rain! Wooohoooooooo!! :o)

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  1. Not only did it not rain but it was a lovely day. Oh and Nora Louise looked beautiful, of course!


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