Wednesday, 2 September 2009

lovely reading

Jo and I went to Dundee today - about 30 miles away. We always park in the car park at Borders and then have some morning snack there (yum) before tackling the book stacks.

This is what I bought today.

I've looked through all the books again and don't regret buying any of them. You know - a book looks fab in the shop but when you get it home you wonder what you were thinking. Not this time.

The patchwork book is especially exciting. There are patterns in it for all kinds of patchworky things which would - if I ever get round to making any of them - make a big hole in the pile of patchwork fabrics I have.

Or I could just look at the pictures and dream.

By the way, the wee creamy coloured things on the left are a salt and pepper set. I didn't get those in Borders! :oD

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